Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valentines Special (oklahoma photographer)

Sooooooooo, (that's a drawn out, sort of questioning 'so')

I haven't tried this before. Directing potential clients to my blog for advertisement of a special. Since I am probably top 5 worse bloggers I thought this may create traffic and in turn make me be more involved with my blog! So here it goes!

I had a couple of emails wondering if I would be doing a Valentine special:

"hey anthony, are you going to do a Valentine
special this year? Me and my bf are
wanting some fun pictures. let me know! (:"

"anthony, i was wanting to get some cute shots
of my daughter for Valentines. Have any
specials going on?"

See! questions about a Valentine special. [that is me being funny and sarcastic] any way!, I think that both ideas would work well! So, with that being said, I think we should do something "special" for Valentine's Day!

I am going to do 2 options:
Option 1:
Girlfriend/Boyfriend - Husband/Wife
Couples come in and get a 20 min session. Session may be indoor or outdoor. This does not have to be something that is formal. Its a fun cheap session so dress up and be yourselves. Thunder gear, Sooner, Cowboys or whatever. Each session will include 2- 5x7's and have an online gallery posted for 2 weeks. All orders will be given a 25% discount! Session Fee $40 (due upon booking to hold date and time)

Option 2:
I will be having a Valentine's kids background. I have a few ideas via Pinterest. (i know that has caught your attention ladies) Kids session is $10. Session is due at booking. Each child session will come with a 5x7 included! This session is to do something FUN! not to just squeeze in your childs 3 year photos. The session will be directed towards journalistic images as well as my normal portrait style. Bring props!! I will have some Rose petals and flowers for the kids. But think this is fun, not fancy and blah. so props ideas would be, Chocolate covered hearts, little sweet tarts, teddy bears, just Valentine cheesy. ya, Valentine cheesy, that is exactly what I am going for here!

Ok, so get with me and let me know if you are interested. Photo dates will be January 30 and 31. With only having 2 days, the sessions will fill up quick. So get with me and get the time YOU want not the session that I have left.
Here's how!
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aaaaaand I'm spent

comment, let me know if you like this type of information on the blog or if you would rather it be strictly email?

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