Friday, February 10, 2012


It is that time of the year when standing in line at Wal-Mart you see "Prom Fashion" "5 looks to pull off for this years prom" all the magazines are getting you amped up for prom season.  I am definitley out of the, "man I am excited for prom!" stage.  well, I don't know if I was ever actually in that stage?  The jury is still out on that.  BUT, I do remember what it was like for the girls to be freakin out about what their dress was going to look like.  Who got what dress, where did they buy it, what color and style is this years hottest, or whatever.  I know the pride you girls get when picking out that dress and how you feel in it.  the "oh you look beautiful!", "THATS the dress", "blue makes you look amazing" comments come in and you, as a high school girl, probably feel better than you will ever feel up until you get your wedding dress on!  My wife, 10 year graduate from high school, haha, still likes her dresses from prom when we went together.  She mentioned how she would of LOVED to have some good photos taken in her dress.  Something more fun than standing in front of a cardboard castle, or what ever the theme is for the year.  So, it got me thinking; I really like shooting fashion photos, and girls really like getting dressed up in their dresses. So, in the words of Russel Westbrook, Why Not? have a Prom Fashion shoot!  So I did.

THEN, I did another one, and the girls I photographed, Jenni and Sierra, and myself have been getting so many compliments on them! 

Lets review: prom season, happy girls, prom dresses, fashion shoot, compliments....
Prom background CHEESY - My stye NOT CHEESY
Prom background GAG - My photos NOT GAG
easy enough right?

Here's the thing.  You buy this dress that you are probably going to only wear once.  Then you will put it in the closet.  When you get in college you will try and sale it for 1/3 or less of what you bought it for.  That is great, but come on....   Put the dress on and lets get some photos that you and your family will cherish forever!

So, without further a do. 
I present to you...   
 Prom Fashion Shoot Special!!   
 (fireworks, boom, clapping, cheering....) 

Here are the details:
Detail 1: IT IS FREE!  yes, the session is FREE!
Detail 2: To hold a date and time you pay $50 and that amount will be credited to your account to purchase prints, digital files, memory books whatever you like!
Detail 3: Session is for guys and girls.  I know most guys won't want to do this, BUT if their girlfriend says, DO IT WITH ME PLEASE, some will crumble, and will do it. (guys, get used to it.  thats what happens for the rest of your life) it will be a fun shoot of the two of you together!
Detail 4: the dates: 
This special will run March 1 - May 1

So there ya go! A little information on the Prom Fashion Shoot Special 2012.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me,  text me 580.302.4782, call me 580.302.4782, facebook me or Tweet me!!


peace out