Friday, October 14, 2011

Butler Photography now in Norman!! {senior photographer}

Hello Norman Seniors!!!

If you have made it to this page, you are either intrigued with the words FREE SENIOR PORTRAITS or you are thinking "This guys images are interesting!". Hopefully, you are thinking both!

So you made it here now your wondering, where is this info on FREE PORTRAITS?!, keep reading....

Seniors from either Norman High School or surrounding areas receive 2 FREE outfit changes AND 24 FREE wallets! Both those, just for trying out the new studio in Norman!! Let me explain this to you in an easier way... that would be like walking into a new McDonalds in town and saying, "Hey, I haven't been here before, and I want a FREE chicken Mcnuggets and drink." All you have to do is email and set up your appointment!(or call/text 580.302.4782) If you just want to come in and try the 2 FREE outfits and get some wallets, that's cool. Or you can book a session and add on more outfits for $10 each. Are you intrigued.... should be!

Check out a few Senior images below and feel free to follow me on Twitter (more than just photography talk). Proceed to like my Facebook page and lets get some sessions booked IMMEDIATELY!!

NOW if your down this far, you didn't just click and go away... which I appreciate! So, book an appt with a friend and each of you get a 5x7 of you together... for (drum rolllllllll....) FREE

Take it easy, enjoy your Senior year!


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