Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amy - Cheyenne Senior 2011 {oklahoma senior photographer}

What is up?! 2 blog posts in a week, THATS whats up!! :)

Amy came in for her senior portraits last week and I thought they deserved a blog of their own. I had a good time shooting her and had some good laughs along the way!

Amy is going to UCO to get her degree in Secondary Special Education. I think that is amazing! I believe it takes a special person to take on this roll in life and for a young woman to know its her calling is, well, pretty damn cool!

Amy has a wonderful smile and a great personality. I wish her all the luck in the future!

funny how i ended with "she has a great smile" and the last photo she isn't smiling? I am an idiot.

SO.... now that, that is said and done. I am going to give a little info about the Senior 2012 season!! Butler Photography will be giving away..... FREE iPAD(s) !!! yes! that is correct. All you have to do is get 10 referrals... 10! that isn't too bad. Once you get your 10 referrals into the studio, they book and come in for their session. YOU get a free ipad along with your senior photos loaded onto it! Is this awesome?___ yes ___ heck yes! Sorry, no option for no!

Get with me for details and be on the look out here and on the Butler Photography Facebook and Website!!!

"I'll be back"


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