Thursday, January 26, 2012

SWOSU Purple Night -Epilepsy Awareness

     January 23, 2012, Southwestern Oklahoma State University held an Epilepsy Awareness "Purple Night" at their home basketball games.  I was asked to photograph and cover this event for a friend and client of mine who lost their child, Kylee McCown, to Epilepsy.  It was nice to see all the people out to support the family.  People of all ages supporting the cause by wearing their purple!!

     Trinity Johnson, Kylee's uncle gave an excellent speech at halftime of the boys game.  Which was very insightful.  If you are like me and know very little about Epilepsy and what the disorder is, here is a quick explanation of what Epilepsy is:
           "Epilepsy is a medical condition that produces seizures affecting a variety of mental and physical functions. It is also called a seizure disorder. When a person has two or more unprovoked seizures, they are   considered to have epilepsy. Seizures happen when clusters of nerve cells in the brain signal abnormally, which may briefly alter a person's consciousness, movements or actions."
                                                                      -Epilepsy Foundation Homepage

Also, Here are some quick facts of Epilepsy:
     -About 2.7 million Americans have Epilepsy.
     -Epilepsy is more common than Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease combined.
     -This year another 200,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with epilepsy.
This is a disorder people need to be educated about!  It sucks that something had to happen to a wonderful young lady in this community for it to be brought to light.

     During halftime of both games, some of Kylee's dance team got together and did a routine which was pretty awesome.  The dance team had won National and State titles in dance in earlier years when Kylee was on the team.  Also, a solo dance was performed by @merrisamclean , which was amazing.  Take it from me, I know dance.  In my top 10 movies lies, Step Up 1-3, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, amongst others.  Also, during the games, friends and family had set up a bake sale with SO much grub.  Which I sampled and it was ridiculously good!  Especially the dipped pretzel sticks, whoever made those..... THUMBS UP.  Face painting, tshirt sales, they had it all!  It was an excellent evening to honor a great young lady.

     I don't know who said it or I would give them credit, and I probably misquoted but... "Cherish the time you have with the ones you love.  Because you aren't guaranteed a tomorrow"

Your have been and will be missed Kylee Jo....

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