Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No I haven't forgot, I am just slow!

I am supposed to be putting up images of the week past, weekly. I am obviously a bit behind, BUT here are some favorites of last week! I did a bridal that had some good images as well, BUT I can't ruin the big day, so those images will be up at a later date! ENJOY!!

Tucker- used to growl at me and eat 2 packs a smarties a session.... NOW he's a natural!!

Audra brought her boys in for the first time in a couple years. They have grown up a lot! What a great family!!

Brooke came into the studio not knowing if she wanted to be here or not! BUT she left with many, many great images! I couldn't leave this one out. Look at that tear about to come....

Tuckers family. They come in a see me ever so often and there a lot of fun to shoot. Dad couldn't wait to get done and head to the monster truck rally! haha

so there is a few shots from last week... more to come NEXT week and leave these guys some love. Please do not make them think there families and children are ugly! haha!!

thanks for stopping by!


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