Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here I am... A new BLOGGER

I thought this day would never come! BUT I have finally came to the realization that blogging isn't only for goofy computer geeks! haha, well maybe it is and I have actually realized THAT is what I am! I will be updating this blog with photos of sessions that I really like and probably some images that are just priceless in every sense of the meaning.

So here is the informal, formal introduction to the blogger of Blog Blogstofferson. My name is Anthony Butler. I have had my photography business, Butler Photography, in Weatherford, Oklahoma now for 5 years. It has been an amazing 5 years, photographing some kids from 2 weeks old all the way up to their 5 year portraits!! Some come in and cry every time and some come in and let me sign there broken arms cast. I enjoy them all!! I try and build relationships with most of my clients and look forward to them coming back each and every time!

I have 2 awesome children. Ansley, she is 5, and is my princess and way too girlie for her own good! She loves to shop, dress up and is big time into cheerleading. Then there is Yukon, he is a boy 100% dude is big and he don't mess around! haha He is 3 years old and loves dinosaurs!! T-Rex is his hero. Yukon will take a shovel and dig a hole for an hour or more and never get bored.

I am hoping you can tell which one is which, but here are the 2 offspring.

So this is it for today. Let me know how you feel about this blog idea. I would like to keep it going. Let me know of any questions you may have about me or my style of photography, I would say I am awesome and my photography is my own. Hopefully I will learn to do all the cool stuff with the Html codes and atleast make it good to look at if the reading material sucks!

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