Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear cake, Jack is one and here to destroy you

I have the pleasure of photographing Jack Madden, son of John (that is for real) and Kristel Madden from Hobart. He came in for his one year photos and we had a good time! During his 6 months photos, I discovered that there really are babies more fat than my son was! haha He has big eyes that are absolutely amazing!! He loves his momma and loves his cake!! It took a couple seconds to get going, but once the sugar hit the blood stream.... it was on!! The personal pan cake had ZERO chance against this eager one year old man!
Here are some photos from our session for your viewing pleasure. Let the guy know how cute he is!!
Thanks Madden family for allowing me to shoot your "little" guy

So there you go!! Now if you haven't already head over to the Butler Photography Facebook fan page and add me! We are holding weekly contest, including the current "CELL PHONE PHOTO CONTEST" where I am giving away wall portraits!!

Thanks everyone for allowing me to do what I love everyday!!!


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  1. ooooo, i love your crisp and clean images! these closeups are awesome and i LOVE his eyes!