Thursday, July 15, 2010

FREE SESSION week recap!! (oklahoma photographer)

Every once in a while I put out a FREE SESSION week on the Butler Photography Facebook page and the NEW TWITTER Page as well!! This is your chance to come in and get portraits taken of your little whipper snappers for FREE!! That way if you do not like them, your not out a dime, but if, well WHEN you do, you can have a little extra cash to buy your portraits!

We start this blog off with Ryan. Ryan has been coming to see me for as long as I can remember! We always have a good time shooting! Last year before his session he broke his arm and I was the first to get to sign his cast! This year he fell down and got a scrape on his elbow. He told me, "I wish i could get a bigger scratch so I could have a scar." HAHAHA!!

Now we have Tucker. When Tucker first started coming in, I believe his one year or 18mo portraits, he hated me. He hated pictures and he didn't want anything but Smarties candy!! Tucker is now 6 years old and HE ASKED his mom and dad "can we go see Anthony and get my pictures taken?" WOW, every session has got better over the last 5 or so years, but I am pretty sure no 6 year old boys have ever asked to get there pictures made! Tucker has a girlfriend and we talked about her most the session. That and Toy Story 3. I love when the kids come in often enough for us to build a relationship!

This little guy is Isaac. I photograph his sister Ella and was lucky enough to get to capture his 3 month photos for his family as well!! Ella is an awesome sister and was a lot of help during the session! Its hard to beat a good black and white image of a naked baby! and look at those eyes!!

Now we have Reece. Another child that I have been lucky enough to photograph their older sibling. Reece was very cooperative and I believe enjoyed being the center of attention. Eventhough, NOT as much as she enjoyed trying to eat the pearl necklace we were trying to get her to shoot with!! Shooting the feet of a child has become common, but I really like the shot of her foot in the air. The composition is great and its just an image that really caught my eye in her proof set!

This young man is Lachlan. Lachlan comes in every year and every year we get awesome images! I posted on my Facebook page that I believe it is impossible to not get good images with him! Next time I just may try, to see if it is possible!! Just kidding Mikki. Lachlan is lots of fun and has a great attitude! He is so laid back and just is a joy to be around! Thanks Mikki for bringing him in! Also, Mikki is the best at using her referral cards! She, as well as her husband Brady, show off their images and send me the newbies! Which in turn, racks up the FREE MONEY for Mikki and Brady to spend on photos! This photo of him at the volleyball court is so awesome! Once I fired the shutter and saw this image on the camera, I knew it would be one of my faves!!

And finally, we have the Coker family. Desiree is expecting a new addition to the family at any moment!! I had a great time shooting them and playing with Beckham. He believes he is Wolverine and is afraid of the police. So we have a lot in common!! I can always tell during a family session within about 5 min how the session will turn out. I knew these would be fantastic!! Everyone was having a good time!! I love capturing moments in a session that are not posed and made to happen. They were playing and just being a family, I took the photos, did little instructing and I believe they turned out wonderful!! I can't wait to meet the new guy! Thanks for coming in!

So if you are a follower of the blog or a first time visitor thanks for stopping by!! I am trying to keep up with this a little better!! I will not promise anything, but WILL TRY to have a blog a week! Click these links become a liker of Butler Photography on Facebook and a follower of @photobybutler on Twitter!! DO IT! DO IT NOW!! Don't make me come tickle you..... Ok I went into child photographer mode there... MY BAD!

until next time.... "may the force be with you"


  1. Hey is your free session week only for kids?!