Monday, August 16, 2010

it has been a month, i am trying to do better! (oklahoma childrens photographer)

That was Trendyn. He comes in every year and every year Tara, his mother, wants something different. I tell her to pick something he is into and enjoys and lets go from there. This year was a success yet again and we got some cool stuff! Obviously he is into motocross, so we shot him riding, jumping and just looking cool! lol great session and great images!! can't ask for much more than that!!

This is Sam Miller. Another of Lacy and Clay's offspring. His sister is below here! I could of shot him for hours and hours! I loved his entire session and had a fun time shooting him. His mom brought just enough props to make the session personal, yet not so many that it looks over crowded! I am lucky to be able to photograph the Miller kids, she comes in from over an hour away! Thanks Lacy!!

Rily Miller has been coming to me since she was 6 weeks old!! She came in her first year every 3 months as a part of our "Lil' Steps Collection" It is so much fun to shoot her. She attended an art school this summer so I told her mom of this idea and we just shot some journalistic images of her painting and it was awesome!!!

What you have seen above is Miss Brooke. She brought in her daddy's old, nasty, smelly, dirty, etc etc hat! Do not worry we scrubbed her down afterwards and made sure she did not contract any diseases from it!! She is gorgeous and has an awesome family. I am excited to shoot her throughout this next year and years to come!!

This young man is Brax. He is good looking kid! We had a good time during our shoot. I love the high contrast 2nd image and am glad his parents just let me shoot whatever I wanted!

There again is another blog post here at BLOG BLOGSTOFFERSON. taking far too long to post up a blog!! weird thing is i enjoy them so much! Thanks for stopping by and follow me on Twitter and the Butler Photography Facebook page!!!

auf wiedersehen!!

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