Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its been a month, I am a lousy Blogger!! (western oklahoma childrens photographer)

Wow. March 10 was my last post. There has been so many things happen since then!! So I do have some excuses for the reason there has been no blog postings. BUT at the same time, I owe it to you to see the sheer awesomeness, and yes that is a word (i think), that has been going down here at Butler Photography!!
I have moved studios from the Main St. location to 106 E. College. Still here in Weatherford. I am hoping to have a grand-opening of the new studio June 1 which will be my 6th year open! Ok, enough of the tooting my own horn and talking; you came here for photos, so here are some shots that for one reason or another have stood out to me!

thanks for stopping by the blog! i am still working on the website and will have it updated soon (hopefully) DO NOT FORGET TO BECOME A FAN OF THE BUTLER PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE. ITS WHAT ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING. AND ITS LEGAL!!

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