Monday, July 2, 2012

Too cute 2 year old Channing {oklahoma children photographer}

Channing came up to Yukon to see me last week.  She is a cutie!  I have been lucky enough to photograph her and her little brother Traber since they were both babies!  I met her and her mother early morning and we made our way to the location.  By "we made our way to the location" I mean we took a bit of time to get there.  Why?  Well, because though I had been there 50+ times, I decided to take a shortcut.  The kind of shortcut that takes you the wrong way and you have to re-find yourself!!  Luckily Kristin is such a good sport and just laughed at me.

Once we finally arrived at the location, we set the scene and got to shooting.  We battled a little wind, but used it to our advantage.  Now, by battling the wind, I am saying it was a serious battle.  I opened the reflector and immediately the wind whipped around and "reflector slapped" Channing.  Luckily she's a trooper and kind of just looked at me like "why did you do that?" rather than getting mad and crying.  I was so glad!  I think the wind ended up playing a good roll in this shot and it turned out terrific!

After a quick change of location and a little clothing change, we settled in on outfit 2.  She read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and fed her baby.  Nothing attacked her here like my reflector, but soon she started getting a little over the whole 2 year pictures thing.  Momma picked her up and I got a couple more shots that are just fantastic! 

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